Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gelombang Biru Yong Tau Fu @ Pulau Gadong, Melaka

Hello all. I come to realise how I've been too lazy to update my blog, even at my very own home! OK as you would already expect, this particular eating out actually took place last week ( I guess? ) after my parents and I fetched my sis in Melaka Central. Do not be cheated by the name 'Pulau' actually, this place we went is not even an island, well thanks to Melaka which truly has many cool weird names. As far as I know, there's even Pulau Sebang that's not an island too literally, while the kampung located next to my home is called Kampung Pulau . LOL how unrelated.

Alright, so a little history here, before this we usually frequented the same Gelombang Biru Yong Tau Fu branch in a food court in Tg Keling, but I guess the place there has shut down already huh? So, here we were, at their new branch ( not so new anyway, its just our 1st time here ) in Pulau Gadong.

It was a full house the night we went there, indicating how the food could still be as good as far as I could remember. And boy, what a merry and lovely choice of foods we could pick! There's eben my lovely kupangs too, which anyway didn't turn out as good tskkstskkk.. but I'm so glad they provide wider choice here, so suitable for big eater like me heh.. The baked potatoes and the otak-otak were also as fabulous :)

wide selection of...frozen food.

..and they have those 'cute' little fishballs? too!

some of the seafood available that day...

we went for a jug of orange juice

the good mozarella-baked potato :)

..and this nasi lemak kukus is sooo awesome actually, me love the sambal. too bad I didn't take it, afraid of overstuffed later on.

overview of our yong tau fu

mine. bill came at MYR 60++, which pretty worths it ( with my food costing the highest hehe  )

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