Monday, June 11, 2012

Outing/Dining with family

Gosh it been weeks I haven't get in touch with this blogosphere, needless to say update my blog albeit having lotsa free time! LOL. OK, earlier this month, my sis finally touched down Melaka after awhile from her uni in Terengganu, so we just simply went shopping & dining lah around this beloved Melaka. Plus, we've got same plan for our mother's bday hehe

Days when she was at home were definitely be concentrated on eating out and some shoppings since my mom usually would only love to go somewhere when all of our family members are around. Lets just see some pictures ;)

started with some always-fabulous vanilla muffins first. Oh, we were so-excited for getting a coupoun for buy 2 free 1 Kenny's quarter meal only to find out later that the coupoun would be valid starting the next day! oh my


always the same choice, bbq :x

something I come to realize, I now rarely take my pics! or, shall I say humans pics, more have been replaced by food pics lol

nonetheless, since we came here on the 31st, never ever let go of the 31% off on handpacked ice creams.
Tho the service here was damn sucks and slow! waited more than 30 mins :/

Nevertheless, the outcomes were always as fab! we chose sugar-free chocolate chip, strawberry cheesecake ( which really tasted like real cheesecake ) and gold medal ribbon for our quart. Too bad Jamocha Almond was sold out!

colourful drinks @ Restoran Ikan Bakar PNK, just around  Masjid Tanah area, in Kuala Sg Baru to be precise.

Kailan Ikan Masin. Food here however were not as good as they were years ago,
for me Fort Supai has the better offer.

the ikan bakar, but this one was nice and fresh enough, saving my otherwise-ruined meal that night.

kupang goreng berlada, hugely disappointing for one of my all-time favourite mollusks. Too salty and not fresh for my liking. 

the pahat berlada was better tho.

the ikan bakar.

overview of the food we had.

the best one, sotong goreng tepung which could hardly fail.

went to AEON back, to satisfy my craving for TCB strawberry shortcake, turned out to be another major disappointment.
Should better stick to the traditional cheesecake perhaps.

Iced Caramel Latte.

my sis during our lunch in cant-remember steamboat restaurant there.

my verdict? 1 star only, seriously the food was too bad :(

the offerings weren't fresh enough, while the tomyam broth was way too spicy.

this fish dumplings were rather bit nice, tho.

Thank Goodness for the newly opened Chatime in AEON. We seriously need more Chatime here!

The hazelnut chocolate milk tea is surely my most favourite one for now.

can never resist Auntie Annes,  so flavoursome! 

but this almond caramel pretzel has always been the best..

finished up with TCB recent addition, mocha mud .... forgot lol

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