Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pak Putra Naan Cheese & Tandoori @ Malacca

Being a pure Melaka boy, I do not think that restaurants that serve naan cheese is at abundance in here, let alone the good ones. Trust me, there's not even one in my hometown Masjid Tanah, how pathetic it is? or perhaps, I just failed to look for one. Nonetheless, last month, oh do pardon my obviously-procrastinate attitude, me and my long-time friend A.B. went to this already-famous naan place in town, non-other than the Pak Putra Restaurant located in Jalan Laksamana. Oh, thank goodness we managed to get there safely without getting lost LOL.

Truth is, I do wonder why on Earth this place is so famous, even Singaporeans would go here for their naan & tandoori stuffs. There were even many Caucasians aka those Mat Salleh that patronised this restaurant, in fact I think they were the majority that night! 

OK, so lets just head up to see whether the naan here truly lived up to its expectations. My honest verdict? It's good! fluffy, without being too oily and so enjoyable! I chose potato naan cheese anyway, and the potato truly 'married' so well with the naan cheese itself. The tandoori chicken was also very satisfying, with my breast selection being fired up with spices, and the meat wasn't too tough. The portion of the food was good too. All in all, I would definitely give this place a return in the future, albeit it being not-so-near with my home. OH NO.

the restaurant which is always packed, so coming early here at around 8 is a good decision before the tandoori sold out heh.
( image taken from Google Image anyway )

my mango lassi, so refreshing! 

great chicken tandoori, reasonably priced at around MYR 7 or so.
I only wish they'd give more of that accompanying mint sauce.

potato naan cheese, truly one of the greatest naan I ever had so far 

A.B.'s garlic naan, which I'd rather prefer the garlic cheese naan actually.

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