Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bon Odori 2012 @ Kompleks Sukan Negara Shah Alam

Last week on the 14 of July, me and my housemate @ classmate went to this Bon Odori in Komples Sukan Negara Panasonic in Shah Alam. Sorry but I cannot recall what Section is this place ( ehem Google is always there ). Anyway, long story short, we initially planned on going here by the INTEC bus only since transportation is already provided to and fro Cemara College and this Kompleks Sukan Negara. Seeing lots of other students already lined up to get into the only bus quickly diminished our hope. SIGH. 

Nevertheless, we still had other option ( which obviously we took ) that was by taking the T529 RapidKL bus to the KTM Station, and then we shall take a free shuttle bus from there to our location. Phew, how glad I am that since we are already here in Section  18, we shall only have to take one bus to reach the KTM Station. Back in Section 6, the scenario would definitely be much worser. 

OK, speaking of the event, before I came here I really had no idea on what this 'Bon Odori' is all about, as I have never went to this yearly event. Thinking that this year would be my last opportunity of going here, I'd say ; why not? Well truthfully I'd just enjoy the food choices, though I could definitely get much much better ones in, say Sushi Zanmai. I did not really fancy all those dancings whatnot though. Even more, I hate the crowd, its way too packed. Oh now lets just see the pictures speak for themselves shall we ;D

the plastic fan that were distributed FOC to all visitors.

see..and this is before the place gets even crowded


sushi belt from Sushi King, MYR 5 for each plate.

we bought a MYR 10 sushi set here.

didn't buy these, way too many people.

yes, we were quite intrigued by this Mister Donut, the so-called No. 1 donut chain in Japan. 

..and I bought this black pepper udon too for MYR 5, which was basically loaded with peppers. ONLY.

the donuts are enjoyable, thought not incredible.
the green one sucks by the way we just tossed it out.
Definitely Bapple is miles miles better.

brought back this Unagi home, only to find out that the rice had gone bad. :(

The sushi kinda saved the day though

phew at least we did manage to secure ourselves a spot in that ocean of people.

this huge ( muffin? ) that looks like mushroom LOL


  1. looking way delicious, the mushroom muffin btw...

  2. HAHAA yes! the 'mushroom' muffin did taste good, so chocolatey =)