Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Car Crash :(

Last Sunday was a tragic for my family, a very memorably eerie one indeed. We just got ourselves in a freaking accident in the middle of the PLUS Highway! God, words cannot explain how grateful and lucky I feel that we are all fine after all. No casualty, no injury Alhamdulillah. Nevertheless, the abrupt car crash was too shocking and, might have been traumatic for 'fresh' drivers like me. What more, I never had any experiences of driving in the middle of the highway, surrounded by fast cars, all type of cars from those one mil sports cars to the super big 12-wheels lorries. It was my dad who was driving anyway, so there would be less trauma there but still...maaaan I still can't forget the 'BOOM-whatever sounds made by the collisions, its like I thought I was about to die. But thank Allah, He either loves me or hates me ( I do wish of dying young though, always! but never in a tragic manner. ) for giving me chance to avoid the worst case scenario. Best of all, I was just so glad that my parents were OK though, if there's anyone, anybody that shall leave, that ought to be me. I am the best deserved to leave after all. 

Saying that, I couldn't say nor comment much on that accident though. We were truly shocked and panic after the crash that I, for one, could not grip on the facts nor realise what had actually happened. All I could say is that, I saw with my very own eyes that the other MyVi ( which also involved in this incident ) spun out in the middle of the traffics on that very highway, the most deathly place for accident to occur, with the fast,speedy drivers whatnot. My biggest fear would that, what if other vehicles as such the buses/lorries suddenly crashed upon us from the back? How if such thing happen? You may not see me now, as per I shall be six feet under. LOL I know right, we can die in so many ways, we could even die at this very moment as am writing this down. But to have that feeling to have managed to escape from a more devastating event was truly priceless. 

So to cut story short, after the accident, as my Mom & I were both got panicked and we just didn't know what to do, involving in accident is not common for me, HOKAY. This was like my first time ever, so let me just get my feelings out. I was also bit glad that the passengers of the MyVi were a nice Malay couples, who seem as if they just got back from a wedding I guess. PLEASE do not ask just whose faults was it, I just refused to say anything, I might be wrong after all. So, long story short, my mother just started calling my relatives. Guess what, later on, there were about 4 families came to us, that's what we called as the family bond :) Of course, we did went to lodge a police report at the nearest police station in Nilai after that. Oh, I forgot to mention, this incident occured just one kilometre or so shy from Seremban RnR. Glad that our car was at least able to move, though with full care. Some pics I took on that truly unforgettable day :

eeppps this was what I had at a wedding in Melaka before we head off to Bangi, supposedly.
So delish! nonetheless x

aftermath of the car crash tskk tskkk

The Myvi's condition was worser though..



  1. OMG...u deserve to die???such a sadist story there and if u die, who else i wanna go outing and craving for the delicious cuisine out there with??? LOLss

  2. HAHAHA OVER sudah kaaaan I..yup yup yup!