Friday, July 13, 2012

Cooking with Hausmates

Lo and behold : our new experiments with food! this time I teamed myself with my housemates, whom mostly love food. It's all in the name of love for food. Nonetheless, before I keep on mumbling over and over, these are the pictures of the food we've made so far . We've just been here in Cemara college for less than a week anyway, so do expect more to come ;D

our 1st attemp : and guess what, it was truly TomYumlicious!
thumbs up :)

let's eat shall we.

2nd cooked food : spaghetti carbonara

we used vermicelli pasta this time 


....and we used the left-over sausages, crab sticks and some vermicelli to cook a stew of another tomyum.
its a nice hot-pot, we just made a steamboat! LOL

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