Sunday, July 29, 2012

Iftar & Celebrating Faqih's Birthday

First and foremost, Happy Turning 19 Faqih alias Fatin! May Allah bless your life with happiness and good health :D So, today's Iftar me and some of my classmates ( plus the birthday gal too, of course ) went to Pak Li to break fast together. Before that, we still managed to treat her with some lovely cakes from SR ( phew how lucky we are aite that SR is just within walking distance from our college ) 

Thank goodness Izzati had already booked our place in Pak Li as early as around 5.30 cause tell you what, it was full house again.

Without further ado, lets see the pictures of the day :D

L-R : Izzati, Faqih, Fahri

Emma and me ;D

the birthday gal :DD

Zati & me :)

sweetcorn ice blended with pearls to quench my thirst, extremely addictive!

mine, Laksa Katong, the portion is pretty small :(

Honeydew juice

Hainanese Chicken Chop. chicken was tough said her.

Birthday gal again.

banana baked cheese for that cheesy-banana-ey enjoyment

Mi Udang, tasted more like Mi Bandung to me.

Nasi Ayam Lemon.

5 of us excluding Amalina and...

Mango Delight, just OK

Pecan Butterscotch, superb as always.

cakes galore :)

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  1. If Faqeh accidently read this blog post, I just wanna wish Happy Birthday and sorry tak dapat join...
    But there is always next time rite...