Thursday, July 05, 2012

Outing & Seoul Garden Revisited

Pictures entry this time :)

start your day with a cup of iced pure cocoa from Chatime, this time the topping had to be resorted to grass jelly due to the unavailability of my favourite pearls T.T

Safi's caramel milk tea, which he said tasted like Teh Tarik LOL

oh, after the 'sucky' Prometheus movie, we went for another movie! and its 6D!

we opted to watch the Ghost one. The price? RM 13 per person.

blurry pic of us in that tiny cinema hall. My verdict? Well, it could be better than Prometheus perhaps!
But I guess it was basically 4D loh, not 6D.

then off we go to Seoul Garden for mega lunch ;D

the one who just can't wait to have a taste on the kimchis here. not my fav tho

raw meat selections

oh mussels too in the seafood selection

our full plates. guess we are two bunch of greedy guys huh LOL
( but more to come after this actually )

burn baby burn

one thing for sure, despite its offer of eat-all-you-can, Seoul  Garden doesn't seem suitable to be thronged by Muslims on Ramadhan tho, given we have to wait for the food to be cooked 1st! 

my 1st bowl of dessert, glad they had my peaches!

the aftermath..

happy me is happy :)

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that Prometheus sucks? I just don't really get that story. Whats the hype?

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