Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pak Putra Revisited.

OK! Admit it, another long delayed post here. Sigh. It was actually on my last week at home before heading back to college, which is like almost a month ago. Amirul and I just wanted to hang out before I went back to college, so Pak Putra it was. Plus, I was damn craving for their other delicacies, say Palak Paneer. something I don't normally get the chance to enjoy. Just where else could we get good Northen Indian food with these modest prices? It's definitely of no wonder why there are always huge crowd of foreigners patronising this restaurant at night. 

Enough with the talking, now it's time to see some of the (blurry, pardon me) pictures of the glorious food we had that night. 

It's Barbican again :DD

The Tandoori Chicken is a must.

my Egg Cheese Naan, totally yummylicious :)

Mutton Rajongash ( if I'm not mistaken) , simply the bomb of the night.

Garlic butter chicken, enjoyable though not as superb as the mutton rajongash.

the two bowls of happiness :D

craving for some more carbs? this is Garlic Cheese Naan for some add ons.


  1. oh am jiee, indian food for real???
    perhaps it mamaklah, sound better anyway

  2. Oh yes, it might be like a mamak restaurant, but its not really like the normal ones you would easily find, the speacialties of this restaurant is definitely the tandoori, though I much prefer the other Indian dishes like the mutton rajongash for sure! something that wouldn't be found in say, Awwal :DD

  3. please read my recent long-winded comment in your UK accent yeah LOL