Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pizza Galore

Last week I had such a wonderful pizza revenge, with both PH & Domino's two days in a row! Whamp fatty me. iskk iskkkk please la, dear fat go away k. Anyway, am so jealous that Teluk Intan now has a new Domino's branch too, so lucky you Shahnon & Fauzi.. Nevertheless, am also very glad that there's also a recently opened Domino's near my other home in Bertam Jaya, which is near the Tesco Cheng. Happy me! 

OK lah, dear KLites or JB-ians please do not laugh at, but truth is, there aren't many Domino's around here in Melaka. Do not ever say about PH, its so lame by the way. Only new or revamped might attract me though, as such their new Pizza Steak with cheesy crust. Being a steak & cheese lover all at the same, how could I resist that? LOL. OK, pics pics pics.

old classic classified chicken with extreme edge crust for that extra uumpph

this caramel ice blended from JCo is truly addictive! 

PH's new Pizza Steak. too bad the beef were sold out, so chicken it was. 

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