Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teapot Deli Hunting

Shortly before Ramadhan takes over, me and my housemates plus my classmate Noel went to Teapot Deli in SACC Mall to relish our crave for some western delicacies. I, personally, am badly in need of a good westernized food ever since my bad experience in this one restaurant back in my hometown, which I shall prefer not to disclose. So Teapot Deli we went to get the best Roasted Chicken in town :D

Be Warned ; these food porns in this middle of fasting period might be too tempting to be denied.

my Roast Chicken, all time favourite

reading this while waiting for our food to be served.

finally I was able to try their scones! Lovely as expected :)

on our way back via PKNS, I was simply fascinated by this little bakery booth selling freshly made pastries and cakes and such

Radin bought this eclair for just RM 0.80 if am not mistaken.

...and I just bought their caramel macaroon ( RM 2 ) plus a mini cream puff ( RM 0.80) for my sweet tooth

...and Radin and I bought half dozen of Bapples too, another attempt to fix my sugar rush :D

P/S : I still consider this cafe as one of the best restaurants ever that I have tried around here. Nevertheless the service here during our last visit was less than warm ; orders came pretty late. Couldn't blame anyone though as it did seem that the number of employees were just not enough to cater their eager customers. 

Shah Alam folks are so lucky to have this nice cafe around, here's me wishing that this restaurant is to stay here for long, and remain as fab as it is right now. An improvement in the service team as well as the portion would definitely be a plus bonus :DD


  1. yeah, the fantabulozness of the food is truely undeniable but compared to our previous visit is better rite...

  2. AHA YES! perhaps due to the lack of employees on that day I guess.oh-my-trifle!

  3. macaroon tu murah lah kan.. kalau kat 42 mau 4.30 regenya.i juai pun 2.50 je,,hee

  4. yup just the size bit small laaah. eh 42 di mana ya, tak pernah tahu pulak hehew