Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Welcome to Cemara College, INTEC UiTM Shah Alam to you all

Phew, finally checked myself in Cemara College in Section 18, which is, obviously more vibrant and happening that my previous Cendana College in Section 6, a strategically-located residency albeit in the middle of nowhere. Reached Cemara by around 11 am or something, and Thank God everything went according to plan! Yeay to me. So, my current hausmates are Shahnon, Rad as well as Fauzi c: 

Glad that the college management at least allow us to book the room together with our planned housemates, so that no need for us to rush and go to college all at same time to register together, like what we did back in Cendana last year. 

Did some shopping for food stuffs etc with my parents at Giant shortly after that. And I strangely do not know whether to say : fuck it or thank goodness for that my room is now on the 4th floor. Looking on the bright side, well at least we could burn some extra calories ( thanks to the splendid foodie galore here in Section 18! ) so that we could stay slim world. LOL pardon my narcissistic. OK. but unfortunately, climbing up to the 4th floor for many times each day, plus the long walk just to go to the Cemara gate kind of irritate me. Nevertheless, what to do, am happy enough to be together with my loveliest hausmates :DD

so long, Cendana! :')

the study tables, mine is on the leftest. Phew, so glad our room's floor is at least tiled :D

the pantry/kitchen which has now been filled with food stuffs, rice cooker, water heater etc  ;)

my locker.

....and my bed..

roaring on the 1st day of college. lol.

oh, our class's timetable for this semester, all the lecturers are new to me  tho.