Saturday, August 25, 2012

Eid 2012

Greetings and Salam Lebaran to all of you good fellas! How's Raya for you guys? Goosh it feels like ages I haven't hit the keyboard *awkward* My Raya celebration this year had been hectic as ever, the busiest one I guess? Why not, this year me and my family celebrated our Raya in our newly-renovated but old house, located in Cheng, Melaka. Go Google Maps if you dont know just where the hell it is. Guests ; relatives and friends whatnot kept on thronging our houses like all day long ever since the 2nd Syawal up till yesterday. Now that I could rest and relax with a peaceful mind, phew! But yes, of course I spent my first day of Raya in my Kampung which is in Kg Lubuk Redan folks. 

What I've been awaiting the most for Eid is definitely none other than the food! love em to the max! Anyway, just as predicted, the spirit seems to be a little less merry this year compared to when I was still a primary-school boy. The spirit of Raya has definitely deteriorated as we aged, truly undeniably especially for me. Nonetheless, this year's celebration is better than last year's, I think. 

Finished mumbling, now let's just see some pictures as memento :D

blueberry + strawberry cheese tarts that my sis bought at her LI place.
a box of happiness *bliss*
food on the Raya morning :)

my plate. Sure, I had rounds of food on that morning itself. This is just a minor fraction meh =D

me sis with me super uber cute niece, Iman! 

come Raya Ketiga, its open haus time :D
here in this picture my family with the YB and his wife ( central )

me and the sista

gaaah terribly sucky Internet connection for the moment. Pardon me ladies & gentlemen, this entry will be updated soon. I've already exceeded the quota for this month -____- 

come 3rd Syawal, its open haus! Pictured here the one organized by my hometown MP

totally yummilicious roasted lamb with creamy whipped potato and coleslaw, rejoice! :D

with the classic traditional delicacies as well, marvelous as always :)

my plate of happiness :D

they also served some sort of lempeng kelapa with sambal too.

me at the only open haus I attended this year, like literally :3

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