Saturday, August 18, 2012

Iftar at Seri Keningau Restaurant, Seksyen 18 Shah Alam

Just another long-delayed post. Anyway, Seri Keningau Restaurant is definitely not something unusual AT ALL for INTEC students I guess, as most of us would definitely have at least tried this restaurant once. As for me, I've only tried it once which was like so last last weeks, heh. Too bad for one of my hausmates, Radin, who has a very bad experience dining in this restaurant -.- 

..and thank goodness we did not experience the same eerie thing as he did, phew. Nonetheless, there's nothing much to ramble on this restaurant, really. It's all hit and misses :) 

Pros : the portions are so big enough and the service is well, serviceable. The Cons : The food ( my fried rice to be specific) tasted kinda bland but too spicy! shockingly spicy even for spicy-lover like me, heh =D

some pics of the usual.

le menu :)

my bakso for the starter. Well, this one I gotta say, looks delicious and definitely tasted great too!
simply Baksolicious ;D

my drink, Bancau. Passable.
Fauzi's Jus Timun, as weird as expected.

the so huge Nasi Goreng Kampung :O

mega Nasi Pattaya 

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