Tuesday, August 28, 2012

JPO Shopping

How unexpected it was, on the 4th Raya me, my sister and my cousins went to JPO for some post-Raya shopping! Much thanks tho to my awesome cousins, Abg Asrul and Syafiq for bringing us here ;D

It was a day trip, a very fun one indeed. What more, I even went to meet Atul ( and Lekaa albeit just for a second -.- ) and for the 1st time, went to Atul's haus! LOL how ironic.

Thank goodness traffic was being nice to us, and me and my sister literally can't forget this one guy who had his car broken in the middle of the highway, and even used some sort of leave to wave for other cars' attention, I guess. So funny! though pity them, we were in the opposite way tho so there was nothing we could help.

This marked my 2nd trip here in JPO, and undeniably this shopping trip is way more fun! Hiks. Just see the pictures to tell for themselves!

this landmark pic is definitely a must.

met Atul there! yay me

with my dearest cousin Atul again weee


for lunch : Thai Green Curry Chiken with rice and fried egg, so yummy! really miss it :')

the grilled chicken chop should be forgotten though, the portion was rather small.

Thai-style Fried rice

my drinks, mango peach.

shooting again hiks.

then off we go to BR for some dessert :)

Choc Dipped Waffle with Jamocha Almond Fudge and another latest flavour, ( err cant remember -.- )

happy me is happy :)

another pic with the cousie hee

Nonetheless, there were also several stuffs that I regretted not buying T.T here they are,

a black-and-grey jumper

a striking striped Jumper D':

this Jeans Jacket which could be considered as dirt cheap actually :(
and here are the stuffs that I happily bought ;DD

boots! finally managed to get myself one :)

bag from Pedro which is on sale, def cant be missed =D

later on, we still managed to steal some moment to visit Atul's haus, 1st time I went here hiks.

wonderful treats of kuih Raya 

at her haus in Pulai Perdana ;D