Friday, August 31, 2012

Open Hausing

Still blogging about Raya, the last entry on Raya 2012 I think! OK, so basically on the second last day before my Raya breaks end, me and several of my close friends back from SGB went visiting each other's house in the spirit of this merry festival. Something I definitely anticipated hee. Friends + Food is totally the nicest combo =D 

Don't really have much to talk about, lets just let the pictures do the talk ( again ) 

1st, we went to TJ's house in Tg Bidara :) 

so happy to find out that her mom made some Biryani! like woww

its more or less like a true Bangladeshi/Pakistani Biryani ( unsure which one it is ) as this chicken  "curry?" does not use any salt at all! we have to add em by ourselves with some lemon too.
But it already tasted goodilicous anyway

veggies as sides

not to forget, TJ's signature dish, Rose-infused Tapai with  evaporated milk is also provided, fantabulous as expected..ermmm missing it now.

the tuan rumah ;D

my plate

happily digging in! 

next up.. Safi's haus it is

and the we went to Shera's haus before they went to my house in Cheng weee =D

me and Shera. Cherish our friendship. had lotsa good talks ( and gossips ) with em!
Quality truly beats quantity. Period. 

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