Friday, August 31, 2012

Serai @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Last Sunday, its another meet up with Lekaa the MSU gal, this time we went to Empire Shopping Gallery again to have our dinner. It was such an unplanned outing ( again ) since I had just arrived in Shah Alam from my hometown that very evening too! AHA. Not to forget, Lekaa's friend, Amir also present at that time too, though I basically never knew him *awkwardness* 

My verdict? Sad, too too sad to say, that Serai did not live up to my expectations. Even more, I was pretty much disappointed since me myself as a Kelantanese food lover + sweet tooth should have found joy dining in this elegant restaurant. Nonetheless, it was just so-so. Perhaps, I picked the wrong menu *trying to be optimistic here* 

Serai..finally after we failed to reach you last Ramadhan

the ever-craving Pavlova....which too unfortunate failed to impress me :(
sad to say, but 1st impression is always vital for me :l
Rm 14++

my Nasi Ulam Ayam Bakar. either totally does not suit my palate or the meal is just tad bland?
should have sticked to the safe Nasi Kerabu or even, Nasi Lemak hrmmmm.
RM 22 I think.

Cendol. RM 7. Definitely cannot beat my hometown Cendol, how I miss it!

lekaa's bowl of chicken Tomyam, a bit too spicy for her though I found it rather good!
RM 8

radiant huh? ;D
( or was it the lighting? lol )

Amir's Olio. Too dry, he said. RM 22.

Ice Kachang. RM 8.

The price does seem a bit steep as predicted, but the point is, I wouldn't mind if the taste was great too! Like I say, mostly anything for food darling. Sigh. Should have gone to TGIF/Italiannies whatnot. But, it might not be my day and I failed to pick the right menu. I guess. 


  1. LOL...
    maybe it is just out of your predicament...
    btw, the ais kacang look tempting

  2. it was definitely my predicament, indeed. not out #VocabNazi hehe. that one I didn't taste, but yes it does look good though.

  3. i accidentally found your blog here,me included (Amir) what a memory.haha :)

  4. Replies
    1. oh yeah, food blogger ;p rofl
      dun forget send my regards to ur partner-in-crime lekaa, cant reach her she`s too much busy myb..hahah