Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shopping So Far

Holla peeps! I guess we are all in the Raya or balik kampung mood right now, as so do I! Even going to classes today literally means nothing LOL. OK, as for this year's Raya shopping, frankly speaking ( or writing, in this case ) I still haven't got myself a Baju Raya yet! means, I still haven't bought the Baju Melayu or Kurta what-not to be wore on the 1st day of Eid. Trust me, I am never a fan of Baju Melayu though, and plain Baju Melayu just seems to be boring dont you think? But yes, it is an ever-lasting fashion anyway. #TakLapukDekHujanTakLekangDekPanas. Hrmph, let's just see what am gonna buy soon alright. Just Lo and behold :)

Obviously I have ( almost ) finished with my other shoppings as well, which I've always deemed as Raya shopping too! so here are some of the things that I bought...and regretted for not buying!

RAWR! finally managed to buy a leopard-print shirt ;D
( although I'd be much happier if it's long sleeve )
as well as that mustard slim pants which I've bought earlier.

just shortly fell in love with this! 

didn't pick this up tho, feeling superbly remorse now :(

gorgeous sweatshirt which I've failed to own blimey T.T

but thankfully I happily bought this chambray shirt ;D 

If only I had the guts to strike this kind of pose though LOL

ooopss out-of-topic, nonetheless very interesting! Last Sunday, when Shah Alam was literally flooded with massive traffics, this poor Myvi was so unlucky to get slammed by a huge lorry which can't fit in this extremely narrow road, unless by ramming over the cars parked on BOTH sides of the road. Haih.

and hell yes, I bought my new phone too! albeit its just Bold 2, am happy enough as long as I could text/call easily after this ;)

P/S Shahnon's dhottie-cum-kurta is so damn lovely! me so jelly :3


  1. first, thanks to be jealous to my kurta and second the bb also make it easier for you to tweeting, rite?

  2. sekarang kau 24/7 ler tweeting yap. hahaa

  3. of courseee tweeting just made easier with BB hee =D