Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Trip To Cameron Highlands

Eeeps I have officially exceeded my broadband monthly quota. Oh My God. Thankfully September only has around 5 days left, phew. How I wish my broadband quota is unlimited haih. Okay, continue with my last two weekends ago post, by which after my family and I visited Kak Ija's house and spent a night there, the next morning all of us headed to Cameron Highlands then as it is located on our journey back to KL/Melaka. 

It was rather an unplanned trip since initially only one of my uncle's family would be going there, but then all of us as a very big family decided to go to Cameron Highlands as well. There were many of us who had never went here, or that their last visit was like ages and ages ago, where Cameron Highland's air was undeniably much colder and cleaner. As for me, this visit would mark my 4th trips here. Mostly because  of the school's trip that I joined though, LOL. 

Cameron Highlands nowadays is not as what it used to be decades ago. As long as I could remember, it is definitely not the same like what I experienced back in 2001, when I was still in Standard 2, yet certain memories are still crystal clear in my mind. The temperature itself is getting hotter, and the influx of vehicles and the mushrooming of developments would mean that this place is slowly losing some of its distinct features : the fresh cold air and its calm, serene lush-green scenery. In fact, I could still see many new buildings being constructed and even the traffics were notoriously massive at most of time we were okay ( Okay some excuses could be that we went there during weekends, and what not, people would be having their day off on the next Monday due to Hari Malaysia ) 

OK enough mumblings, now lets just browse through the pics that shall serve as a memorabilia for us ;D

chocolate-dipped strawberries, so fresh and yummies!

our first stop, Tringkap. Lots of strawberry farms, veggies and souvenirs shops whatnot.

fresh strawberry milkshake, truly decadent ;D

the cousins in front of the apartment that we rented for two days.

me. it was very noticeable how I could no longer experience the 'mulut berasap' experience due to the less colder temperature.
nonetheless, the temperature still remains temperate, no fans or a/c shall be needed at home, esp at night ;D

nasi lemak telur mata for that energy-packer hearty breakfast ;)

as well as very enjoyable, fluffy cream puffs, with oh, sandwiches too.

Next stop, Kea Farm, very near to Equatorial.

while others visited the almost-similar shops, my cousin Iwan and I went to this Rajoos Farm, which I had a fond memory for their juicy strawberries that I had here back in '08. The hills leading to Rajoos Farm is very steep anyway.

prices for the fresh strawberries with add ons, sweet tooth rejoice! ;D

top notch : fresh strawberries with whipped cream, sugar dusts and honey drizzles

extremely sinful strawberry cheesecake. Oh God.

another snap that makes my mouth water, literally.

bought pure honey from the shop around here too.

next up was a cacti farm, not my area of interest -.-

..but this strawberries ais potong was an exception though, incredibly addictive!

next, we climbed up to the tea valley, so lush-green

having some tea

and bought some of the teabags home, the strawberry teas especially are exceptional ;D

desserts and savoury food like pasta were also offered here, though they seem mediocre to me.

lastly, before we went back, a visit to Lata Iskandar is definitely a must.

the strawberries that I brought back to college, minus another two more packets missing in this pic hee ;p

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