Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Visit To Penang

A very short trip to Penang indeed! Last week, my family with my maternal relatives went to Kepala Batas, Penang to attend my elder cousin's house warming, whom we fondly call 'Kak Ija'. 

Anyway, I just not in the mood of writing, too many delayed posts after this, aiseh. As for now, lets just the pictures do the talking ;)

having a wonder yong-tau-fu KL-style at my aunt's haus in Kepong the night before the trip to Penang ;D

the sauces, all are homemade!

my helpings, yummo!

food served at Kak Ija's hose warming kenduri :)

her lovely, new home 

truly admire the interior design of her house ;)

my cousie, Ika LOL

that night, me and my cousins ( the young ones hee ) went to the Penang Island, but unfortunately it was quite a traffic jam there, considering its weekend. And that, most of the shops we passed by were closed already, so McD it was 

nonetheless, this Mee Udang is sooooo marvelicious! Authentically Penang indeed.

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