Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hausmate's Birthday :D

Happy belated birthday to my hausmate-cum-classmate, Fauzi who just turned 19 last 23rd September! same goes to my sister who also had her 21th on that very same day too! May all your wishes come true and stay happy :) 

Some pics for memorabilia...

candid pic of the birthday boy during our lunch at Keningau..

food I yummy..

next up, for the birthday treat, me and Radin went to Sec7 to go but this so-called famous Yazid Burger (YB), notoriously known for their massively huge 1 kg burgers! :O

the patties in the making..burn baby burn..

This YB burger is located in a somehoe food-court, just behind Unisel. Located in the same building is also the famous D'Arab that serves mainly Arabic food.

waiting was not a torture for us though, thankfully, as our order came after around just 10 minutes of waiting.
maybe the fever has cooled down.

YB supersized burger, indeed.

we also noticed the famed Bisik-Bisik Mee Udang/Mee Ketam. Geez I seriously need to head down here more often :/

its nice that they put the burger in a container that likes like as of it contains cake! very suiting since we were indeed celebrating someone's birthday! 

back at the house, Shahnon the chef was busy preparing..the hotpot! ;D

some of the ingredients for that piping hot steamboat/hotpot

let em boil

may you have a blessed birthday :)


my 1st helping, sure more rounds to come next..

eventually we devoured and sinked our teeth into this sinful burger =D

the juicy patty, though some may question whether its fully cooked or not..
my verdict? solid B+

anyway, this moist choc cake bought at a bakery in that same food court was an A+ though! So indulging with a very reasonable price tag of MYR 3.50 only! 

oh, we bought this 500g burger ( MYR 20) with two slices of cheese (MYR 2) for a grand total of MYR 22...

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