Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang @ Seksyen 7 Shah Alam

Last night, me and the hausmates plus Noel went to Sec7 for our food trip heh =D At first, I really cant decide on which eating spot should we head to, with Shah Alam being a heaven of food. So, we decided to go to Sec7 since this place is so near to our college, yet we rarely went here! pity us, we gonna have to take two buses should we want to reach here by the public transportation, which is mainly by RapidKL. Nonetheless, much thanks to Radin for that he brought us here using his sister's car, which he's borrowing up till today. Huwaaaa no more private transport after this for us! Somebody, a millionaire out there, who just happen to read my blog, do and please feel free to donate one car to us :'( Still got lotsa food places we have yet to satiate. You name it, Laman Grill, Burger YB, Bisik-Bisik Mee Bandung, gosh! the list just goes on and on.

OK, so  that night, Sec7, mainly around that area ( which is just around a stone away from UiTM Shah Alam main campus backdoor anyway ) was brimmed with cars, basically folks hunting for some food. Thank God Radin was the pro driver, added up with pro-er Shahnon who basically acted as the driver instructor. If me, die ahh. 

Alright, my verdict for this famous Nasi Lemak joint would be that, good! am so glad that our trip did not let us down. Deserves an A-, we might return as well ( though probability might be very minute, we still got lots of other places to try on! ). The sambal was just nice to me, spicy and bit sweet, and most importantly, it didn't burn my tounge, or in Malay, pijar. The rendang was way fabulous too! so glad I pick it up, the beef was simply tender and, well, delicious. The price was also very OK for students, my big plate of Nasi Lemak costed MYR 4.50 only ^^

selection of the lauks for you.

Ayam Goreng.

got some beefy selection too.

normal add-ons for Nasi Lemak

Anon's Nasi Lemak with his own style, added with soy sauce. something bit peculiar for me frankly o.O

Radin's Nasi Lemak with fried chicken, around MYR 4++

Noel's, MYR 4++ I guess.

mine, truly fantastic, the beef rendang just really live it up. MYR 4.50 :)


  1. Means it really up to ur taste...btw, u'll sometime ib future also be a prowest driver ever perhaps...hu3x...
    basically the food is foodilicious with a delicious feverlicious....LOL...