Sunday, September 30, 2012

Of Bowling and Karaoke

 Just yet another delayed post, by which the event actually took place like, erm, weeks ago! anyway, just pictures as a symbol of memory :)

the bowling arena at the Ole-Ole complex.

me just played for fun, of course, since I would sucks at sports, literally.

see..very predictable of me, only got 47 points LOL..though the missing of someone ( who happens to be the prowess) was definitely a loss..

Radin, Shahnon and me at the karaoke room weee

by the way, dinner at Rafi Bistro was exceptionally horrible! my Mee Bandung was unpalatable and a total mediocre, for MYR5.80 it was a shame. Its either Izzati was pretty wrong, or I just got the wrong cook. 

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