Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Of Bowling INPRO '12 and Pak Li

bowling centre in Ole-Ole Sec18

Last week on Wednesday, my super-talented roommate participated in the INPRO ( stands for Intec Programmes or so ) bowling games which was held annually. INPRO this year however, lacks the presence of Russian programme ( hence the then RUSKOJ would now be called as..... KORJAP? haha I truly dont know ) as well as the MEP folks, whom have already fly away to the hot Middle Eastern regions. Thankfully, A-Levels is still comprising of three major A-Levels groups like last year. Hence the three teams of A-Levels in each games, gladly. ( though I rather say it does sound a bit unfair dont you think! LOL )

OK, back to the event which was held from 8.30 pm onwards, but of course as expected, the games started later than that, syncing with that "Janji Melayu" tagline. I shall say, the juniors really thronged the bowling centre in that Ole-Ole 'shopping' complex. So spiritful of em to come all down from Seksyen 6 to here! I did not really watch this games all the time...since, later you'll know heee.

But to cut short, the games ended with AUSMAT becoming the champion for boys catergories, and say what, A-Levels groups took both the 2nd and 3rd places! cheerios for em! Anon was in the 3rd-placed group, nonetheless he truly aced the games, especially the last one! Hiks. Much congrats for em. ( how unlikely of me right to be such spiritful for any sporting event? LOL ) 

the star player ;p

Fauzi and Shahnon, making duck face LOL
Radin who still keen on doing some maths

me attending the only INPRO games ever ;D

as the games were about to start...other INTEC students who did not participate could also play the bowling games too, should they pay MYR 2 only! 


with the 100Plus treat from the ever-supportive Miss Fiza ;D

see the marking board ya? 

and then it was camwhoring moment LOL
love this pic somehow :)

if only I did participate anyway *die*

2nd place team got towels, while 3rd placers earned themselves. Frankly for me, I much prefer an umbrella.

Oh, anyway, last Wednesday was also special as, unexpectedly, I had two dinners that day, and both at Pak Li LOL. Actually, the second one was on Miss Fiza, much thanks to her for the treat ;D 

which is why I was not at the bowling venue all the time hiks.

Chicken Porridge for 1st dinner

coupled with sweet corn ice blended...frosting!

2nd dinner : my 1st attempt on Assam Laksa, quite OK though the porridge truly fared better.

Iced Chocolate. Too unfortunate they had ran out of cendol that night :(


  1. double dinner...awesome...btw thanks for supporting me, my truly loyal cheerio

  2. heee my pleasure ;D it was a fun night, indeed.