Sunday, September 30, 2012

Of Shopping and Confusions

Overview of my last shopping mayhem in Sunway Pyramid, my most favourite shopping mall where everything's here. ( everything as if I mean my fav brands as well as a delectable variety of food, yes) Lots of dilemma. lots of confusions. and not to mention, a hole in my pocket. Nevermind. Here are some of the clothes that I love, either I happily bought it or sadly returned em :(

in love with the Tee, but with that price tag I did not able to buy :(
green stretch skinny jeans, I bought it super happily anyway! ;D

loving the tee too, but decided not to buy in the end due to the reason that I might have looked like a clown, plus I do not think it will here for long. Safe choice is better.
( and oh, my wallet wont allow it too, of kos.)

...but this light blue skinny jeans is tremendously an essential though! which I sadly returned it back after trying them  on like hours :(

nice colour-block Tee from SEED, which I know I should have bought...but..

it will always be nicer to wear it together with my jacket, which is so suitable for college!

anyway, this another-truly-essential dark-blue skinny jeans was also another pants that I grabbed!
It will suit most pf my tees/shirts I think.

bought this classic-print tie too since it was heavily discounted, plus I also got a  MYR5 off! thanks Topman!

wore the pants and the tie on the next Monday..

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