Friday, September 07, 2012

Pepper Lunch @ Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday was another sudden night out with my MSU mate, Lekaa again, this time we went to Sunway as she insisted she hadn't been here for quite some times :) For dinner, we headed to Pepper Lunch as I'd like to give this Teppanyaki-like restaurant a shot. My verdict? The food was OK, though pretty much forgettable I'm afraid. The dislike : the food was quite hot ( as expected for teppanyaki-food ) while being not an ardent fan of corns, the corns in the meal really spoil my palate though. Deserves a solid B :)

Pepper Lunch

Zaliha the partner-in-crime

waiting for the food :D
food came quick, thankfully.

Lekaa's chicken pepper rice set, RM 15++

my Salmon Pepper rice, MYR 18++

unfortunately, the food was rather hot that I felt burns on my tongue -.-

oh btw, I still cant decide whether to buy this shirt...

or this one! too confused! both are so nice for me. Haih if only the wallet is more friendly hrmmmm.
Didn't buy any of these as we were rather in a rush that night ( curfew for me! )