Saturday, September 15, 2012

Snogurt @ Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.

OK continue to our other food destination last Monday night, it was Snogurt! At last HAHA. been eyeing this froyo outlet for so long *ahem atul, koff koff* Obviously, we went here by Radin's car after our dinner at Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang , though essentially we did not plan to head here at all, assuming that the only Snogurt outlet in Shah Alam at the moment is only at Section 9, which would deem to be quite far from Sec7 as well as Sec18, actually. Hence, it was definitely a shock for us to find a newly-opened Snogurt outlet here in Sec7 too! 

Snogurt..which could be found at abundance around JB.

Much thanks to Anon's sharp eyes for catching a glimpse on this Snogurt from afar, though Fauzi had earlier mentioned that there could be one around here, thus the cautious eyes for us :) 

It was truy our lucky night out indeed, not just we managed to spot this froyo outlet, but it was also on a promotional period! thus, the 30% off given to our froyo, as well as the many samples given to us, which we independently self-serve ourselves with all the FREE samples. Magad I wonder how much would it be should it be charged. 

OK! enough with the ramblings. Oh, my verdict? Obviously it tasted damn good for sweet tooth and froyo lover like me, heh =D

this Sec7 outlet is located right beside the Sekinchan Ikan Bakar restaurant, which I'm pretty sure you wont miss

some of the free samples that we took ;)

the cup is available in one size only, though.

a variety of toppings for your DIY froyo

Rad with his froyo


mine, only costed me MYR7.5 ! ;D

Fauzi's MYR5++ so dirt cheap aite


truly admire the interior design and concept of this froyo outlet, thumbs up!

me, Noel and Shahnon :)

mini map on how to get here. Hurry, Shah Alam folks, this 30% discount is only up for grab till the end of this month!


  1. mine also the same price with pozi means it also dirt cheap...

  2. Tq for supporting our outlet :),DOnt forget to like our fanpage

    1. ooh how I wish I can do so. too bad I dont have any FB account :P