Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sucky Lasagna @ Secret Recipe Section 18, Shah Alam

oily, soggy lasagna. worser than the microwave-heated,bought-at-supermarket ones.

What an awful terrible lasagna I had in Secret Recipe Section 18 near my college last week. It was the display picture of that 'Three Cheeses Lasagna with spinach' that gave me an urge to buy into it. And boy, I had such a vegetarian day also that day, hence the need for me to keep on having a vegetarian dinner as well ( albeit it being a lacto-vegetarian one, heh ) Nonetheless, it was a bad choice, indeed. Even Rad's food, Thai-Style Fried Rice did not meet my expectations, I could clearly see the standards have tremendously dropped, for instance the Thai Style Rice itself lacked the 'jumbo' prawn that they display on the menu, while there was no more any omellette, like what my last same meal had, earlier this year. All these just in the name to cut cost, how ironic of them since the prices were also increased. So dear SR, buck up please or you shall lose one or much more promising loyal patronizers. 

Anyway, other food that my friend took..

Thai Style Fried Rice

black pepper chicken with butter rice

Tomyam noodles

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  1. thank god the tomyum noodles is still delicious despite it minute portion