Thursday, October 18, 2012

Class Picnic

Last Saturday, my classmates and I (12M3) went to have a picnic together at the park behind our college, so, it was definitely a moment for us to show our prowess in culinary mastery! LOL. Well, not so skillful, I must confess. Being the sous chef at most of the time, I surely have lots more to learn. Nonetheless, I truthfully enjoyed our picnic, or so-called 'potluck', albeit it was a true loss that some were unable to come along, namely Noel, Izzati and Geetha.. 

Lets just see the pics (food) of the day..ah too bad I forgot to take the 'human' pictures! blimey. 

  Radin, Fauzi and I made this, our (my) very 1st attempt of making a trifle!

and also this, supposedly-olio-cum-fried-spaghetti, which, minus the unpalatable look, actually tasted nice! ;D

we made two large servings of this, as we used two packets of spaghetti.

Purely Terengganu Keropok Lekor, brought fresh by Akmal

coleslaw and fries..

tuna sandwiches..

while Haziq, Baharom and Syed made this wonderful pot of mushroom soup, brimming with minced chicken as well..

my 1st serving..

oh yes, we did have a belated birthday celebration too! so, happy belated birthday Dibba! 

much thanks also to Aisyah and her bestie, Naja, for generously bringing this KFC!

..uh oh..the only humane pictures I took LOLs.

our trifle..quite satisfactory actually..

anyway, our class picture after our last lecture with Miss Hanim yesterday, sobss :')

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