Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Busy weeks + IELTS results

Gosh! its been ages I havent visited my blog! swear! This blame must go to these ever-busy weeks! Despite having a week of so-called week, me was only home for around 3 days, thanks to the Eid. Happy Eid Aidiladha, despite a belated one. VERY. Even right now, I'm in the middle of this EOS exam weeks, gonna have Maths C3 tomorrow -.-"

what I had at the morning of Eid, well, this is just a minor fraction of all the food I had back home LOL

Anyway, I just got nothing much to say, just would like to express my gratitude for passing my IELTS! I've got overall band of 7.5 ;D phew! Got 8.5 for Reading and Listening respectively, while my Writing and Speaking only got 6.5 and 7. Nevertheless, I'm so glad I managed to pass the requirement IELTS band for IMU, which would be 6.5 for pharmacy-bound like me. HEH. Anyway, the JPA officer did mention that we JPA scholars must get at least band 7, but nah I think 6.5 would do! Even Madam Rita said so. All my hausmates passed too, gladly. Alhamdullilah, this would mean I could save MYR 590! Yes, you read that right, failing this test would mean to have to repeat it, and it costs you MYR 590 per test. Geez! I could use that money for my shopping splendid already hiks. 

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