Saturday, October 13, 2012

H&M Setia City Mall, Shah Alam.

Ah, yet another overly delayed post, which actually took place last month, I think. It was rather a sudden trip, basically, as I just tweeted about the opening of H&M in Setia City Mall, and of course, yet another rant about my predicament of not being able to head here due to transport constraint. Nonetheless me is so lucky to have such a shopaholics and fashionably-stylish Chemistry lecturer ( Miss Fiza ) who is way so awesome for offering us a ride ! She was also eyeing about H&M too hehe. So, off we go to H&M that night after that solemn Bio test hiks.

some pics of the day..

Miss Fiza and I, pardon the blurriness. 

my ever-sporting Chemistry lecturer, looking dashing in pink over-all

after-shopping bliss

H&M Setia City Mall

for takeaway dinner, Miss treated us with the new tandoori chicken Subway! yumms!
awww much thanks
Catch-of-the-day include 3-pairs of colourful socks, a stretch white tee, and a light blue Oxford shirt ;)

anyway, last week, me went to H&M Lot 10 and bought this black shirt for MYR 40 :)

..and this nice striped tee too..

couldn't resist the temptation to get myself yet another new shoes *sigh*

the free copy of H&M magazine