Saturday, October 06, 2012

INPRO 2012

Geez this entry is meant to be posted ages and ages ago, since the event took place last month! its more or less like a n old story already -,- Nonetheless, better late than never right?

Basically, the closing ceremony of INPRO 2012 ( which stands for Intec Inter-Programme Games by the way) was held in Stadium UiTM Shah Alam main campus, I forgot already the date, blimey. I went here with my housemates by bus. I surely felt like some sort of VVIP actually given that there were many polices, or marshalls that escort our journey that very night! hence the very smooth ride. 

Surely it was fun night to be remembered, and best of all, my programme A-Level won big times! We truly dominated the prize-giving ceremony by winning almost all the 1st prizes! and, YES, we also won the best performance of the night as well! congrats to those who won, proud of you guys! Anyway, I still personally prefer the dances from the Korean programme as well, it was so fun to watch! There is this one guy particularly who was dancing perfectly! such a very slender body. It was also noted that ATUSA programme went back home empty-handed this year, better luck next year then guys! 

After the prize-giving ceremony, the winning teams were requested to dance again, and guess what, some of the audiences ( including my very housemates! ) also joined in the dance for fun! Badly for me that I did not join the dance as well, given that I was holding so many stuffs *excuse* 

Alright, some pictures of the night :)

the UiTM Shah Alam Stadium

me and Shahnon upon arrival

A-Levels marching team

crowd cheering for Alevels

got some fireworks some more :D

crisp sassy dance performance by our very own ALevels mates! way to go!

my other personal favourite of the night, the performance from the Korean group

ALG's, which frankly I did not understand their performance, truly.

classical dance from the KTJ folks

AUSMAT, I only like how they ended their performance, very creative indeed.

..and lastly, the ATUSA sketch which was a gimic/rip-off parody about Batman

yeay for the wins!

then they were requested to dance once again!