Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Vivo Pizza @ AEON Melaka

Last weekend I had such a whale of time at the comfort of my home in Melaka. Geez how I wish I could go back home this coming weekend as well, but alas, IELTS test deters me from doing so. As ravishingly cliche as it might sound, we have always cherished our moments at home with family, aren't we? So, to cut short, I just would love to give yet another food review on a newly-opened pizzeria there in my favourite shopping spot back in Melaka, which is non other than the AEON Bandaraya Melaka. 

My verdict? I cant say for sure whether it was worth it, but giving it a try is a must, I supposed. Lacking of purely-good eateries here ( especially the ones that serve luscious western cuisines ) around Melaka is truly a catastrophe. It was just another fast food chain, I believe, so my expectations were not sky-rocket. Nonetheless, the menu is merry enough to make a hangry mad happy.

Vivo..just now it reaches Melaka.

dessert selection


...and more pastas..

my drink, capuccino charm, truly decent

hot tea..

tropical grilled chicken chop..solid B+

my helping of salmon pasta since I was damn craving for salmons..

takeaway choc indulgence from SR anyway heh


  1. salam kenal..

    vivo memang best! penah try baked pasta dia.. but their cakes weren't very good..

  2. OMG finally u came to my humble blog hiks. oh yeah? haha thank you for informing that! lucky tak try their cakes that other day ;)

  3. dah lama tak pergi vibo tskk tskkk