Monday, November 05, 2012

Bonjour Garden Bakery Cafe @ Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam

Goodness...I can't believe I'm still updating my blog despite having exam tomorrow zzzzz. Nonetheless, the story must go on. So, last weekend, after the horrid Bio Unit 4 & 5 paper, me and my hausmates went to Bukit Jelutong to try this newly-opened cafe, called Bonjour Bakery Cafe. The cafe is in the same building with Jaya Grocer Store, oh never ask me directions though. Anyway, we even embraced the rains just ti reach there since it was quite a downpour ( with the rainy season at this rate, so you know ) and we just went there by bikes, so...Lucky I did bring my cardigan together, and thank God it wasn't raining heavily all the way long, whew. Alas, if only we had a car uh oh. 

Comes to the food review, I think it wasn't really my day since I didn't get a decent cut, at least like what my roomie got. Now that I know I'm so not, so so not into medium-rare meat, only well done would do best with me. Hell I care when people say that medium is simply the best, but nah, nay nay for me. Luckily the potatoes and coleslaw were superb. I also love their pasta too, YES, I got myself a second meal, spaghetti carbonara, which was rich and creamy enough to make my tummy happy :D 

Pics of the day..

Bonjour Cafe

selection of roasted meats

uh oh, desserts, too bad I left no tummy space to try some :(

my roasted sirloin..ahh too bad how I wish I got the well done instead. too beefy for me.

Radin's roasted quarter chicken.

Fauzi's lasagne

with le partner-in-crimes hiks

they had a wonderful selection of pastries, of course..

...and boy, this was totally fantastic, A+


  1. LOL's...should visit here sometimes again.
    btw, im look cool in da photo...hu3x

  2. u are always a good poser arent u LOL