Tuesday, November 13, 2012

End Of Sem 3!

Hello peeps! feeling super awesome since I'm having my sem break at this moment, up till the 31st of December! weird much, isn't it. But uh oh, next sem will surely gonna be killing! God helps us. By the way, my third semester in my Alevels course actually had already ended on Saturday last week officially, but only just now I'm going to update about it LOL. So unlucky for us IMU-bound students to had to take the MUET written tests on that Saturday, and so our sem break would start a day later than the others tsk tskk..

As for now, let us just pray, and hope for the best, shall we? Anyway, albeit, non-related, I just got back Singapore, and guess what, I finally went to USS! Yeay! It was surely super awesome yet I felt ultra exhausted at the end, heh. Gonna update about that soon.. well, soon might be a week or two :p 

one of the last meal I had in Sec18 this year, meatballs spaghetti at Pak Li, delish!
( cuz I just had no other pics to upload nor to rant about! )