Saturday, November 17, 2012

FREE Starbucks for Diwali Delight

YES! you read that right! Starbucks Malaysia did offer free beverages on last Deepavali, ( oh happy belated Diwali anyway to all my Hindu frineds! ) though the offer was quite limited, only from 12pm up till 2 pm. Boy, I must say, I could count myself lucky to be able to enjoy such miraculous offering as well!

Well, much thanks to Kak Long for informing us about this great promo, because Starbucks truly did not advertise about such offerings, except in their Facebook, by which, even I no longer have an account heh. Lucky for us we were coincidentally going to Johor Premium Outlet at the right time! we went to JPO and around 1 pm and of course, quickly we headed to Starbucks JPO  fearing that the line will be too too crazy already! To my shock, it was not that crazy at all! In fact, the line was quite short and we  barely waited for a mere 5 minutes or so to get our free fraps! Yeay us! 

Nonetheless, we didn't get the initial free flavours advertised, which supposed to be Caramel Tea Jelly and Red Bean Green Tea Frapp ( total nay for me ) as the barista told me they ran out of it, so I opted for Vanilla for both of my fraps instead of the coffee one. 

Frapps galore ihiks

completely free! hard to believe eh at this rate?

Hanis ( the Mak Datin of the day LOL ) and me ;D

a post in JPO, miraculously I bought nothing, well nothing really interest me, really. sigh.


  1. G I L E!!!!!!! ***pengsan***

    1. EHEHEHE kan? itu agak rugi jugak sebenarnya since other outlets siap ada letak whipped cream + caramel ( for caramel tea jelly ) for free! *jelly*