Sunday, December 02, 2012

A Trip To Teluk Batik

Ah! Finally managed to update on my trip to Teluk Intan, which I went with my Teluk Intan bestie, Anon and Syamil, and oh, joined by another Manjung fella, Tajol who stays not far from the beach itself. The journey from Teluk Intan took around an hour or so I supposed. Intentionally, we all planned of going to a waterfall in Kampar instead, but due to the rainy weather, so we had to call it off fearing for our own safety. Well, safety first afterall right? 

Nonetheless, this trip to Teluk Batik beach was hella awesome too! Luckily the weather was pretty lovely ( yes of course it was scorchingly hot but at least it was not raining cats-and-dogs aite? ) , so phew! It was also a blessing that the crowd was minimal, too. 

Pics of the trip..

the panoramic views in the Teluk Batik beach, which is enclaved by beautiful mountains, scenic. 

Anon and me upon arriving. ah pardon my fugly attire though. 

there's even a private resort on that hill side.

This what rocks our trip the most! My first time ever riding this banana boat!
Simply terrific! 

we each paid MYR 5, well, actually thanks to Tajol for treating us hehee

and guess what, we were being thrown in the middle of the deep sea, literally! It was like so far away from the beach that I so creeped out! Luckily there's this safety vest wheww

there's also a boat ride around..

so, bye bye Teluk Batik, and bye bye my vacation too actually :(

then off we went to Lumut for awhile since its extremely close to Teluk Batik or Manjung. 

and we did go to Marina jetty too..its here anyway -.-

the fishing village we found around that Marina Jetty.


  1. awesome time together...arghhh, i start to miss it sem let have a havoc vacation with le hausmates..

  2. of course! after habis Alevels before you fly to Ireland hokayh? ahhh *excited* LOL

  3. ok...I'm ready for that...heheheh