Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Trip To Teluk Intan

Weeks ago, I went to Teluk Intan to go sight-seeing around Perak, since my roomie Shahnon lives right there, so its like a very meaningful trip indeed! Actually, Shahnon's classmate, Syamil also joined this hell-awesome trip together, nonetheless at first I thought he took the bus from KL. Yes, we went to Teluk Intan by bus, sad life me have no car so no choice LOL. Anyway, there's actually a story behind this very initial move since I was supposed to board the morning bus via Transnasional, but luckily I missed it. Why so? cause the bus broke down in the middle of the journey, and unfortunately Syamil was boarding that bus! Fuh! What a story.

Truly, I had such an enjoyable 3 days and 2 nights stay at Teluk Intan, at the best hospitality by the VVIP Anon, who very much have his own career now hiks. Ah, it was frankly my first time here, and I must say, Teluk Intan is surely a booming town with rapid development. I guess almost everything's there. 

At the first night, believe it or not, we slept at Anon's family's very Durian dusun! Boohoo! What an experience for me! Surely something I never thought of HAHAA.. Luckily there wasn't many mosquitoes at all, whew. Rare experience you can never gain easily. 

As for food, it was undeniably a fiesta, those who really love durians must have had the thoughts of themselves being in heaven, whatnot with lots of durians around hee. Thank goodness Anon's mother also made some bubur durian which I must say was damn good, love it, love proccessed durian food. Pretty weird huh? Well I dont know for sure. And yes, we also went around the Teluk Intan food, looking for food glorious food. Ah, I guess I pretty much gained some weight from this binged :p

Syamil and me at the Durian orchard

the historic leaning tower of Teluk Intan, which is definitely more vivid at night, with variety of colours

Satay Wak Teni at the food court near the Leaning Tower, awesome stuff :)

Then, off we go to the cinema hall in town, watching The Rise of The Guardians. Gosh  some of the cartoons are way too cute! Everyone must go watch! 

The next day, we went to Pantai Teluk Batik, which is quite far actually. Another fabulous experience here of course!
Gonna blog about it later ^^

At the last night, we tried this famous Mr Chendol, which I guess would be near-perfect should they dont use frozen stuffs.

Then we went to TI's Uptown, which was shockingly vibrant that night!

Ah, thats a wrap. Syamil and I boarded the ETS train for the 1st time to KL Sentral before heading back to sweet, lovely Malacca. What a trip! Surely gonna cherised all these moments :') Much thanks to the host Anon for the great hospitality though! and oh, to Tajol too ( not to forget :p ), now just waiting for the roomie to come over here then! * with nervous in mind * LoL


  1. With Allah will i'll be there... btw thanks for coming and really am so nervous hosting the trip... its like im sitting for the a level exam...LOL...hope you enjoy it to the fullest..

  2. ape yang telling the truth ekkkk... B.E.L.I.E.V.E me ok...

  3. anon conducted a i rite???hehehehehe...
    btw, i'm a moderate lover of durian...
    the pics are so nice...
    they make me so envy to all of u..