Saturday, December 08, 2012

Mr Cendol @ Teluk Intan

At first, I truly thought that I've posted about this famed cendol outlet in Perak already. How unfathomable human brain is, clearly I was wrong. So, here we go, lo and behold, the food porn we took at Mr Cendol outlet in Rapid Mall, Teluk Intan with my bestie roomie and his classmate back during my trip to T.I. last month. 

Mr Cendol @ Rapid Mall, Teluk Intan.

the menu. you can even find cendol soya here, which is surely not my cup of tea, I believe.

my helping of cendol pulut ( noticed that the pulut is green in colour, could be due to the colourings I suppose )
It was alright, but not that spectacular. RM 3.50 for each bowl. 

Anon's cendol, with heaps of gula melaka, nice. I always like cendol with lots of gula melaka.
It would be better if they did not used frozen ingredients in their cendols. 

good thing they provided the gula melaka for us too add up by ourselves. 

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