Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chili's @ Paradigm Mall

Okay, the post about our lunch trip to Chili's at Paradigm Mall as aforementioned in my previous post. Let's just make it super short this time. My says, it was alright. I mean, I'd expected more. Service from MOST of the employees remain warm as promised. 

The reason why I said MOST and not ALL is because, there was this particular lady ( an Iron Lady I shall call! ) who had such a huge built (not to blame her for having that tho) and pretty scary approach I guess. There was such an aura of fright radiated from her, somehow. A customer service class is essentially needed, indeed *cough*

And did I mention that the other employee had the same name with me? Gosh I hate ordinary name, how I wish my name is at least peculiar. Hmmm. Oh, so overall, I would give Chili's Paradigm Mall 3/5, I guess..

Chili's @ Paradigm Mall

me with the partner-in-crime, Shahnon and Aus..
Fuzzy and Radin

LOL so hard at this pic! Anon looks so cute ahah

us in the aftermath

Radin's fish & chip
MYR 22 something

Honey Chipotle Crispers
MYR 20 something

our starter, Southwestern Eggrolls
MYR 16.95 ++

Anon's country chicken burger

mine, Monterrey Chicken..
MYR 25++

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