Friday, January 04, 2013

Seoul Garden @ Setia City Mall

Greetings! Last Monday, which happened on the very last day of 2012, me and the hausmates went to Setia City Mall with the VVIP-of-the-day, Miss Fiza ( lotsa thanks miss for driving us there hee ). Initially, we thought we would be able to use our student-power by opting the student dinner meal, priced at MYR 29++. 

Alas, the foreigner worker told us that it was a public holiday. Hence we paid around MYR 50 for the meal, and off we go! eat till drop like there's no tomorrow! 

Seoul Garden @ Setia City Mall.

food to be boiled in the tomyam broth, or grill. whichever u prefer.

burn, baby burn! 

my ABC to wash down the food.

some Korean food stuffs I guess.

heavier food for those who must have rice.

selection of the sauces

the drinks, I personally liked their Mocha. 


..and ice- cream. 

to-be-grilled. Didnt like that they used catfish in here, and no calamaris too like what I had back in Malacca. 


with the-partners-in-crime ;D

me and Fuzzy

It was a loss they didnt have dim sums nor pau tho..nonetheless, we sure had fun, and felt super full for the binge! Hiks.