Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adela's 20

Another birthday post here. Gosh more and more of my friends are turning 20! *gasp* So, happy belated birthday Adele! (real name Adilah HAHA) May we gain 15 points for this coming Alevels exams and soon, become a successful, glamorous pharmacists :p

Pics of the day, which was practically happening on last 29th of Jan -.-

the birthday gal being forced down into the Cemara college area hehee

malu-malu memberi sepakah dua kata IHIKS

Dominos Pizzas for the partayyy

stacks o stacks of pizzas 

the birthday gal and me :D

Geez I so forgot to take the class pic from Diba's camera tho zzzz

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