Saturday, February 16, 2013

Uncle K Kopitiam @ SACC Mall

Finally had the chance to give this one-one-the-Kopitiams-in-town a shot. Located at SACC, lets see what we had there last time. Overall, I would give it 3 and a half stars, worth visiting again considering its vast menu. It's like everything under one roof, literally. 

the menu, be prepared for a myriad choices of food offered here. 

some of the Indian delicacies. Oh, perhaps you may not find Japanese food ( sushi! ) here la. 

Drinks delight. 

my choice of the day, splendid! A wise choice I guess. indeed. 

Lekaa's choice, well I cant quite recall, Mee Ladna maybe? 

although, however, I was rather shocked to find out that they use plastic cups to serve my blended beverage?
I never think this kind of practice should be deemed acceptable in any restaurants. 

See? Even the Milo Dinasour was served in a plastic cup, which was rather blergh. 

the partner-in-crime of the day. 

oh, and on another unrelated note, I also (for the 1st time *cough ) tried this canoeing thingy at Tasik Shah Alam.

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