Sunday, March 17, 2013

Welcome to the 20's!

Phew, I had finally finished my trial Alevels exams. What an extremely deadly hectic weeks I had. Imagine this, we all had to face 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) papers within just two weeks. Having to sit for 2,3 papers per day surely gave me too much stress already. Now that we shall wait for the results, and also, not to forget, to face the real Alevels exams coming this May, gosh I would be chilled to bones. 

Oh, back to the topic, so yeah I had to abandon for awhile this virtual diary of mine (and for these coming months too, maybe) #sobs. Turning 20 seems pretty huge for me tho. Even basically there's nothing much going on, not much differ. Hey, my soul is still seventeen okay? Seventeen Forever gitu LOL. 

Since my birthday fell on last 7th of March which was in the midst of the exam weeks ( I had 3 papers that day! what a gift! ) my friends had to postpone the celebration till the weekends hoho.. I was deeply touched, indeed :') Much thanks guys, you truly made my week :) 

Some pictures that we took..

my birthday cake from Baker's Cottage, choc cheese mousse..much love! 

delicious favourite meatballs pasta cooked with love by the hausies :>

Twenty me

oh, I believe its never too late to also virtually wish happy belated birthday to dearest roomie who also turned 20 last Fab Feb? Happy 20 for both of us! ;D

And btw, I surely need to brush up my English, be it on writing or speaking. Ever since IELTS days had gone, I've totally abandon my English proficiency to the bottom side of my life~  Yet I know I still have to sit for IELTS later on. Cis.  

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  1. LOL thanks for the belated wish and you too happy belated birthday