Wednesday, June 26, 2013

12M3 Final Gathering

Reminiscing some moments with my classmates in INTEC, the awesome 12M3....Two years with you guys seem so fast. Memories I shall forever try to cherish. ( Do not blame me though if Alzhemeir or amnesia hits,  may God forbid) 

Primarily this post is meant to be about our last outdoor activity back in April ( Yes, TWO months ago ) but anyway I'd still put some class pictures back from yester-years as token of remembrance. 

class picture with Sir Darfizi the Chemistry lecturer, back in Sem 1.
(oh look how fat I was)

sem 2...with awful hairs huhu

my teammates during 12M3 Day Out event back in April this year...
last gathering before the final exams

the towers we constructed from newspapers LOLs

At night then we had our last dinner together in KFC ( a very boring venue, I know -.- blamed Sec18 for not having other better places huhu), plus some awards giving ceremony..we had actually conducted a poll prior to this event hee..its true what some people say, it is not about the food, it is about the people. 

and btw, I tapau-ed some meatballs spaghetti from Pak Li Kopitiam since I was getting so sick with KFC haha

Euginie the KK gal won the Korean tourist award...pictured here with Dila

winner for best & worst class rep, tak lain tak bukan Haziq fer sure

Radin winning the walking media award, gossip number 1 hiks.

guess what I won...
hahahah unexpected got the most fashionable award *touched*

M3's princess & prince : Wen Mei and Baharom..

with some of the other prize winners: Diba the blazing hot, Jiha the energy conserver, Emma the natural charmer and
Miss Mama Izzati..All so make sense LOL

with Dla and Dba, whose names I still confused at sometimes ;p

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