Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back On Track! (hopefully)

GOD its been almost 3 months I haven't updated anything on my so-called virtual diary! The two months exams and a multitude of other reasons had surely held me back from posting anything. Hence, the oh-so-many stories and pics to be uploaded. Hmmm. and now I wonder when and where to start?

Oooh okay, let me just post random photos from these past months...

went to Delicious to celebrate the finish of our two-weeks trial exams..
which is hellishly excruciating...

then went to Sunway Lagoon to grab some promo

Sakae Sushi with Miss Fiza and the hausies

Mohd Chan's

Plan b. with Lekaa

a newly-opened cafe in Ole-Ole which sells this amazing durian crepes 

it was M3 day out! 

12M3's last dinner event :')

the last moment I'll be around INTEC. pictured here in front of the grand library. 

Seoul Gardening to mark the end of the two-months A levels exams

surely gonna miss them
ALM12 Annual Grand Dinner with awesome hausies :')

so long. Cemara Residence. 

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