Sunday, July 14, 2013

ALM 12 Graduation Dinner @ Holiday Inn Glenmarie

Let's post this one 1st while the event is still fresh in my mind..well albeit it took place about 3 weeks ago..
Finally, I graduated from INTEC's A-Levels Medicine programme ( yes, despite I am Pharmacy bound student ) which takes two years to be finished. Ah, how time really flies. Feels like last year I enrolled there, even though I first stepped foot on college on 3rd of July, 2011. Literally more than two years ago.

I truly wish I wont miss all the moments through out these two years I was there. Some pictures of the night to be remembered.

L-R : Radin, moi, Pong and Anon

just arrived

with Izzati and Amalina from M5

the setting of the table, with Chinese food to be served. 

with Anon, best roomie ever. Going thru many sweet & sour moments ;) 


again, with the funny Amalina. Hope to see u soon in IMU! Amin, 

the itinerary. 


Crispy fried seabass. This one could be the best, very crispy indeed to my liking. 

Wok fried prawns with onions, nothing to be shout about though. 

HK Kailan and mushrooms, pretty meh. 

Lucky Rahman won an iPod shuffle in the lucky draw!
Wish I could win one too. Never recall winning any lucky draw sobs

Fried Rice. Hmmm, so-so. 

Miso soup with Shark fins and dumplings, yummy! 

another star meal of the night, honey marinated roast chicken. 

decadence diced strawberries and honey dews swimming in coconut cream. A sweet ending. 
with the hausies fauzi and Annon. 

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