Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last bite @ Zam Zam?

Pardon me for the very late post ( as if anyone's even reading HAHA ). Anyway this makan event took place on the day I left Shah Alam, for good. I suppose. No more food hunting around here after this, eh? Hopefully not. 

Anyway, now that its almost the end of Ramadhan already, I reckon it is still not to late to wish everyone Ramadhan Al-Kareem? Not really anticipated for Eid this year tho. Newsflash, Alevels results will be out on 15th of August. Yes, that means on the 7th or 8th ish of Raya. Nervous I am! Pray hard people, pray hard. 

the menu booklet.

the refreshers.

Lamb mandy. 

mix grilled meats. thumbs up for this

chicken pasta

minced lamb meat in tomato gravy, which looked dismal compared to the one shown in the menu. 


  1. pray super harder. am so so nervous...

  2. let's Du'a and hope for the best...
    by the way, those picture is so delicious
    jangan lupa belanja aku taw! \(^_^)/