Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Post-exams @ IKEA Food

Right after the **** Chemistry Unit 5 paper, which was the 17th and last paper for our Edexcel Alevels examinations, I suggested to my fellas to go to IKEA Damansara to celebrate the ending of our excruciatingly long 2-months exams. Fuhhh. Let's have some food to console the feelings and make us happy. After all, happy tummy is a happy well-being. 

with two of the best lecturers in INTEC, front left - Miss Fiza (Chemistry)
and front right - Miss Ann (Biology)
food of the day

poached salmon..drools

we had two plates of this wonderful


Chatime before heading back

Oh, and happy Ramadhan to all muslims! :)


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