Sunday, August 25, 2013

Raya & Open Houses 2013

Another raya post for this year. Yup, again, this year I very much stayed at home attending to all the guests coming over to our house since we live very near to our hometown. 

Anyway, I finally managed to steal a day to go Raya together with my dearest besties from SGB :) Its too bad tho we couldn't make it to any of our teachers houses since we didn't know the adresses! So, noted, next time better be prepared LOL. 

with Safi at his house, his mom's mee hailam was sooooooooooo good! So jealous with ya ! 

Shera Roslan and Izzah at Izza's haus

safi and I at Izzas

feel so old already thinking I've left this awesome school for 5 years already! 

cherishing memories 

then off we went to Marsaids haus, my SGB and INTEC buddy. 

meet Marsaid, the charismatic and poet-ish med student at IMU. 

with them gals at Izzas haus

also, I dared myself having a blast (tho, short one hehe) visiting Shahnon's haus in Teluk Intan, this was during his bro wedding reception. 

Now for some Raya foods...

sneak-peak : One word, ALHAMDULILLAH! I was so over the moon and so surprised (happy of course!) after knowing I managed to get 15 in my Alevels :')

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